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After a hectic first week of the spring semester, things have begun to settle down at Women and Gender Studies. Until January 30th. Our inaugural Networking Initiative will provide a terrific opportunity to connect with other women and men from the community including academics, businesswomen, community activists, political leaders, and others. RSVP to wgst colorado. For more information: wgst. She details a new project underway at the archives:. While the passing of the FAIR Act was a remarkable step forward, the bill passed with no specific mandates or time frames to create updated curriculum and no funding to provide trainings for teachers on how to implement the new LGBT inclusive curriculum.

Due to the ongoing institutionalized homophobia in the public school system and the lack of ability at the state level, most districts across the state are simply ignoring the FAIR Act altogether. With no mandate coming from the top, local districts simply choose to opt out of providing any supplemental materials, sensitivity trainings or additional resources, leaving teachers to fend for themselves. There are thousands of California teachers who understand how crucial this curriculum is for their LGBT students and they are motivated and excited to implement it in their classrooms.

But with no district support, no adequate training, and no materials, these teachers cannot do anything but wait for resources to appear. Meanwhile, their students continue to be bullied, harassed, and beat up. They continue to drop out of school. This project makes it possible for LGBT youth to begin learning immediately that their history DOES matter, that it is ificant, and that they are part of an important and vital community of true civil rights heroes whose legacy deserves a place in the classroom.

The happy couple are expecting a baby due March 30, !! My studies in the program allowed me to work for such a great organization that trusts women to make decisions regarding their own bodies and ensures access to sexual and reproductive health services for all unserved and underserved individuals in our communities. I miss the cottage and the great community and faculty of the Women and Gender Studies Program! Mariela notes "I am happy to be able to work with families on a long term basis, as under FSS people have 5 years to reach their goals within work or education.

On average I will have a case load of about 30 families, helping them reach their goals and helping them along the way. This is a great new adventure that I have been blessed to experience and I look forward to what life has for me next. My son turned one in November and is doing great and keeps us on our toes! He began walking at 10 months and just wants to explore the world.

Coordinating the "Peers Building Justice" program, she presents a session curriculum on healthy relationships, sexual assault, consent, systems of power and control and critical media analysis to high school students in the Boulder Valley school district. She also coordinates a youth-led after school program that focuses on using art and community organizing to create social change. It will be in bookstores in March. In addition to co-editing the book, he wrote the introduction, co-wrote a chapter on sex trafficking with Donna Guy, and a chapter on globalization and sexual rights with Richard Parker and Jonathan Garcia.

Alison Jaggar has been appointed to a part-time position as a Distinguished Research Professor at the University of Birmingham where she will supervise postgraduate research, present her own work in seminars, and be the focus of colloquia and workshops. Her appointment begins in , following the completion of her term at the University of Oslo. Jaggar published a pair of articles in Metaphilosophy , co-authored with former student Theresa W. In October, Dr. I Am Subject: Sharing our Truths to Reclaim Our Selves is a memoir that combines my own history with the words and experiences of other writers to examine the issues that perplex contemporary women.

Simply knowing that others have struggled can bring women out of isolated suffering to a deeper sense of awareness and understanding. I Am Subject provides a safe space for women to increase their awareness regarding where they have come from and where they are going as they move forward into the next stages of their lives. It is my hope that those who read these words will sit with them, give thought to how they might apply to their own lives and the lives of women they know, and begin their own conversations regarding how to best turn increased awareness into action.

Sheffield is one of seven CU-Boulder faculty and staff to receive Fulbright grants this academic year. Jennifer Bair is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology, and an associate faculty member for the Women and Gender Studies Program, where she has been an active participant in faculty research circles, program events, and pedagogical training sessions. Her research interests include the relationship between gender and the globalization of production, with regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Last summer Dr. Bair participated in an online debate regarding the April factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1, workers. Bair will also speak about the outsourcing and offshoring of consumer goods as part of the next Social Sciences Today Forum, discussing the resultant political, legal, and ethical implications and the response by companies, governments and activists. Deanna has served as academic advisor for a variety of departments and programs since and is currently also an advisor for the Program in Jewish Studies and the Department of Linguistics, as well as working as a therapist on the CU-Denver campus.

She can be reached at fierman colorado. Search Enter the terms you wish to search for. Other ways to search: Events Calendar Campus Map. Bolder Voices Issue Dottie Frank center with others at Acme Bar. Circa June Regards, Rob Buffington. Associate Faculty Profile: Jen Bair Jennifer Bair is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology, and an associate faculty member for the Women and Gender Studies Program, where she has been an active participant in faculty research circles, program events, and pedagogical training sessions.

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Lady wants sex CO Boulder 80302

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